Virginia: Spring 2021

Friday, May 21st 2021

Welcome to 2021!

Updated: Feburary 17th, 2021

It's been a long year, hasn't it?

We've been working hard to figure out the answer to a pretty basic question: "What do we do about our conference?"

We've been watching our communities – the places where we work, the groups we're a part of, and the larger Agile communities as well – all struggle with, work through, and sort out the ways to collaborate, communicate, and come together during the past year. Through it all, we've been missing the connections we have with you, the greater Richmond-area community of Agile practitioners.

We've been trying to figure out how to maintain the quality and scale of InnoVAte Virginia, the premier regional Agile conference in the greater Central Virginia area, while also staying flexible in the ways we connect during the ongoing pandemic. We've talked about and explored and hoped for a number of different solutions, and like a team of recovering project managers, we've forgotten some of the basics of Being Agile:

So, it's time to shift and BE AGILE.

We've been working behind the scenes to get back to serving our community; I'm hoping you've been following our progress on updating our website, as well as our shift to using Meetup to manage our monthly meetings. Our latest effort is this:

miniVAte Virginia: Spring 2021

As the Board has been working to balance our mission and our ability, we realize that the best thing we can do is deliver a small increment of value – "Plan, Do, Check, Act". miniVAte Virginia is a one-day, two-track online conference, building on the lessons learned from attending similar conferences and based on what we can confidently deliver with the technology, team, and time we all have.

It all starts, however, with you.

We can't have a conference without great speakers. We've been incredibly fortunate to have a community of smart, compelling speakers for a number of years, and today we're opening our Call for Speakers for miniVAte Virginia: Spring 2021.

Braz Brandt
President, Agile Richmond

The Agile Richmond Board and The InnoVAte Virginia 2020 Planning Committee

About miniVAte Virginia

Building on what's made InnoVAte Virginia the best Agile conference in the region, and learning from those around us as we all navigate through the world of working from home and video conferences all-day, miniVAte Virginia's Spring 2021 conference is an all-virtual one-day event for everyone in the greater Richmond community.

Recognizing that the past year has been challenging for everyone, in many different ways, miniVAte will be a free conference for all attendees – we only ask that you register, so that we can make sure we've allocated enough virtual seats at our video conferencing table!

Additionally, as part of our ongoing ways of saying "Thank You!" to everyone's who's held onto their tickets for last year's conference, all ticket holders for InnoVAte Virginia 2020 will receive full access to the recorded sessions whenever possible from miniVAte Virginia, so that you will be able to catch up on the sessions you missed.


Wherever you have access to Zoom!

miniVAte Virginia is an online conference, requiring only a steady Internet connection, and the comfiest chair you can find for the day.


Friday, May 21st 2021

The third Friday in May.

As we get closer to the date, we'll be sharing more information about how to register for a free ticket to miniVAte Virginia - for now, save the date!

miniVAte Virginia: Call for Speakers

We can't have a conference without YOU!

Our Call for Speakers for miniVAte Virginia Spring 2021 will be open starting Thursday, February 18th 2021 and run through the last day of March, March 31st 2021

We spent time talking about what we wanted our first virtual conference to be – what kind and how many tracks, what kind of topics and themes, and we came away with one strong opinion: this conference is for YOU.

We would love to hear your talk - the thing you've been wanting to share but haven't been able to connect with people to tell your story; the things you've learned during the pandemic, and the ways you've seen people adapt and overcome all we've been working through; the "AHA!" moment you had last week/month/year, that reminded you about the power of how we're changing the world of work for the better.

Logistically, we're going to have two "channels" people can tune-in to, and we'll do our best as a conference committee to fill our channels with programming that appeals to everyone.


Submissions should be made on our new Call for Speakers submissions website powered by Sessionize!

Speakers can submit as many session proposals as they would like, and can specify up to three (3) additional speakers for each session they submit.

Speakers can make changes to any submitted sessions through the close of the Call for Speakers on March 31st.


Open: Thursday, February 18th @ 6:00 PM ET

Close: Wednesday, March 31st @ Midnight ET

Questions: Email us at

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